A photograph of your choice is printed directly onto a 4mm thick sheet of glass.

Glass Prints have a vibrant, high gloss, modern look.

Light refracts through the glass which creates deep and vibrant colours.

These prints are spaced away from the walls they are mounted on, giving a floating effect when displayed.

All Glass Prints are supplied with mounting hardware and are ready to hang.

Glass Prints are mounted via four 25mm metal spacers, a hole per corner is pre-drilled into the glass allowing for the spacers to be

mounted, this is a reliable method of mounting a Glass Print to a wall.

Glass Prints are available in standard sizes.

Standard sizes range from (A4) 297x210mm to (A0) 1189x841mm

(Please enquire about having large sized Glass Prints shipped to you)

Vibrant & colourful photographs work best with this substrate,

however any photograph you choose can be printed as a Glass Print if you require a modern look. 


    • Glass Prints By Roland Woon 001
      Glass Prints By Roland Woon 005
      Glass Prints By Roland Woon 002
      Glass Prints By Roland Woon 003
      Glass Prints By Roland Woon 004