Step 1 

Select a photograph that you would like to have printed.

Then choose the substrate, size and other options that you'd like for your print. 

If you are unsure which substrate to choose, you can have a look at our substrates page where you can view each one in detail.

Step 2 

Once you have decided on the substrate & options,

simply add your order to the cart.

You can choose to register an account with us, where you can keep track of your orders, or you can checkout without needing an account.

Proceed to fill in your shipping address and details.

When you proceed to the checkout, you will be redirected to a safe, secure PayFast site where you can process the transaction safely.

Your part is now done!

Step 3 

When we receive your order, The photograph

you selected is then professionally printed on your chosen substrate and completed along with any additional options you may have chosen

Once the print is completed, it is checked to

ensure it meets our strict quality standards.

 Your print is then boxed and collected by our courier company to be delivered to you

 If your delivery address is within South Africa,

You should then receive your order within 15 working days or less from the date of purchase. 






Please Note 

A small portion of  any photograph's edges may be cropped out during printing,

we assure that this will not affect the composition or overall look of the photograph.

There may be slight colour differences seen between the printed version of the photograph compared to the photograph viewed via a digital screen.

This can be a result of colour differences or inaccuracies between different computer monitors/versions.

Computer monitors and other similar digital monitors work on RGB colour whilst printing is done with CMYK colour, this can also create slight differences in colour

All photographs are proofed for printing on calibrated monitors, to ensure that the final printed photograph matches as closely as possible to the version viewed on this website.

Any discrepancies that may exist on a printed photograph should not distract from the look of the image and should hardly be noticable.